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Design traceability matrix example

Design traceability matrix example

lumbar spinal fixation lombaire

Spine – Innovative lumbar spinal fixation

Simulation on lumbar spine representative of the vertebral geometry (model from real subjects: Bpath license / Institute of Human Biomechanics Georges Charpak, ENSAM, Paris 13, France)

Hip – Study of a ‘smooth’ cup holder

hip smooth cup holder

Knee – Study of a ligamentous fixation onto an interference screw

knee ligamentous fixation

Spine – Translaminar Facet Fixation system [TFFS]

knee ceramic prothesis

Knee – All Ceramic knee prosthesis system definition

Special Processes:

-Rough Ti plasma projection process validation

rough ti plasma

-Laser marking process validation protocol

laser marking process


Role of R&D/RA Director during maternity leave